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How Do You Know When Your in Love With Someone

How Do You Know When Your in Love With Someone ? Love can seem a beautiful and terrifying at these same time. Figuring out your feelings for someone is often one of these most intimidating parts of falling in love. To know if you love someone, take a step back and view your relationship objectively. Evaluate how this person affects your emotions and your actions Compare these observations to what you know about these infatuation, lust, and love to determine a what your current feelings really are

How Do You Know When Your in Love With Someone

How Do You Know When Your in Love With Someone

Evaluating Your Actions about how do you know when your in love

Take a little break. When you’re with other people, split up and also mingle. Try your best to stay engaged in these conversation. If you find yourself zoning out and looking around for your crush, the potential for love is there. If you catch them stealing a glance at you, the feeling might be mutual.

Note your physical reactions. Consider involuntary responses when you’re around your crush. Look out for rapid heart rate, hot flashes, shaky hands, and sweaty palms. Notice whether you suddenly clam up out of fear of what to say. Reactions like these signal lust and infatuation, not love.

Consider your larger social circle. Think about the number of friends and family members you’ve introduced this person to (or want to introduce them to). Ask yourself how important it is that they like this person. If you’ve introduced them to your best friend(s) and closest family members, and if you really want them to like this person, you could be in love.

Evaluate your responses to their successes. This is especially important when your crush succeeds at something you’ve failed at. For example, they were awarded the promotion you were vying for. If your first reaction is to throw a party, you’re likely in love. On the other hand, if you mumble a disappointed “That’s nice” and avoid them the rest of the day, it’s just infatuation



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