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Best Depression Quotes 2017

Best Depression Quotes 2017 Depression is a hard state to be in, both for those depressed and their loved ones: their fear and indecisiveness, absolute lack of any desires, and self-pity make those people both hopelessly sad and unbearable to be around. That is why depression quotes are here to help you move forward. Sometimes only few words like quotes about depression can help a person get back to the right track.

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Depression Quotes

Best Depression Quotes 2017

  • Depression is a curious thing. Some depressed people may look arrogant, cold, sad – anything but what they actually are.
  • Depression is like waking up after a nightmare, but the other way around: everything used to be fine until you woke up.
  • Humans are all about hope: they can endure almost anything for a surprisingly long time if they see the light at the end. However, depression is the lack of hope: that’s what makes it so hard.
  • The best remedy against depression is helping someone who has a harder time than you do.
  • Depression is like a virus: it feeds on something and it lives on, spreading more and more across the once-healthy parts of your spirit.
  • Lonely in a crowd is the worst kind of lonely: seeing the people around and knowing the world is just fine without you. This feeling is when you realize you are depressed.
  • A depressed person is the worst kind of friend or family to have: they are grumpy, pessimistic, inactive, and they invalidate every compliment you make and oppose your every attempt at helping them. However, this is the best and noblest thing to do, and once through, you get the most seasoned, the most loyal of your friendships.
  • The mental, the invisible pain is worse than the physical one: you can’t just go to the doctor and say, “I’m heart-broken, what should I do?”, get a prescription and be back to work in a week.
  • Just woken up and exhausted already; not saying a word because you’re afraid you’d burst into tears; stumbling and stuttering on your words? Welcome to depression.
  • Depression is like a prison made of your own thoughts, with walls so high and bars so hard that you can’t even dream of escaping it this is Depression Quotes awesome.
  • Being angry and jealous has never made anyone suffer more than the ones who feel it in the first place.
  • When “fine” and “nothing” are your two favorite responses to everything, it’s time you should see a doctor.
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