Birthday Toasts

Birthday Toasts


Looking for memorable birthday toasts ? Stop looking — you’ve just found the web’s best and biggest collection of beautifully written, mistake-free birthday messages for toasting.

You can use my toasts “as is” or change them to your liking — whatever makes you comfortable.


Start off by choosing these style that’s right for you and the birthday girl or boy from the wide assortment of styles below about Birthday Toasts

Raise your glass with an original toast

Now you have another excuse to raise a glass and celebrate the birthdays of friends and family alike with a few well-chosen, unforgettable words — with one more click of your mouse.

As you look through the toasts in this section, you’ll come across my Message Guy Tips and Message Guy Picks, which will help you pick the ones that best suit the birthday boy or girl.

Birthday Toasts

Every Birthday Toasts is free and mistake-free

Every birthday tribute here is FREE to use. And every single one is writer-approved, so don’t worry about making any mistakes.

Now you can feel comfortable standing up in front of any birthday party crowd and toast the birthday girl or boy with complete confidence.

Birthday Toasts

Sneak Preview

What you’ll find below is merely a preview of all the toasts I have in this section. Many more await you in just a click…via the links above or below.

Birthday Toasts

To a secret that has the whole world (and this whole room) buzzing with excitement and wonder…your real age.

Happy birthday! There’s no sense in fretting about your age. Getting older is like owning a dilapidated home. Every year, it’s a something else. One day, you need to get your pipes fixed and, the next day, you’re spending thousands on a front facelift. Too bad we can’t buy a new home.
Here’s to you. No matter how old you get, you never look your age. The only reason I know you’re 50 is because I have it on good authority that your chiropractor sent you a birthday card.


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