Best 50th Anniversary Decorations Ideas

Best 50th Anniversary Decorations Ideas


Are you throwing a golden anniversary? Then you’ll need some 50th Anniversary Decorations to create a classic and romantic atmosphere at your event.

50th Anniversary Decorations


50th Anniversary Decorations can come in a variety forms. In general, stick with decorations that evoke timelessness. If you aren’t sure how to do this, here are a couple of tips for 50th Anniversary Decorations that will help you out and also you can read Wedding Anniversary Wishes:

50th Anniversary Decorations Ideas

  • Color scheme: It’s a “golden anniversary,” so these color scheme should be gold, naturally! To avoid an overwhelming amount of a gold, make sure to keep these color simple enough that it won’t be! The key here will be to balance brighter gold accents with softer golds, champagne and shades of white. Use a lighter color as these principal base color and then accent it with pops of gold. This will highlight the color, but not overdo it. Another possible color scheme is whichever one was used at the original wedding. This is a simple way to recreate the ambiance of that day 50 years earlier. This choice can be extremely special for the bride and the groom.
  • Flowers: Flowers are an also easy way to enhance any environment instantly. Outside these room, inside these room or wherever you choose to put them, flowers are beautiful. Choose tall plants to place around the room. Flowers can also make great decorations for tables. Whether you use them as centerpieces for dining or serving tables, they will add subtle hints of color that will really brighten up these room. Another idea is to cut off the tops of flowers and place them across the table tops. Match them to these color scheme to create a simple unity about the room.
  • Balloons: Used strategically, balloons are a good or awesome way to fill space without making the area looking stuffy or overdone. For a touch of gold, combine gold balloons with other colors, or tie lighter-colored balloons with gold ribbons. These balloon bouquets can be placed around the room—on the floor, on tables or just hanging around, if the ceilings are low enough. Make sure to get balloon weights if you need them!
  • Lighting: Warm room up with “gold” lighting. Use small Christmas lights or warm-toned lamps. If you’re looking for something more eye-catching, get lights that spell out the numbers “50.”
  • Table Decor: These are great and awesome resources to tap into for decorations that aren’t over the top. For example, tablecloths can add subtle color to the picture. The key here is to think about all the other elements that are in the room. A metallic gold table cloth will likely look overwhelming. Instead, choose a light, champagne-colored table cloth with gold place settings or napkin holders. You’ll be surprised at how golden these room looks, while still being understated. Centerpieces can also be a simple way to add decoration to a room.
  • Photos: Print out photos of the bride and groom and hang them around the room. Get small pictures in gold-colored frames to place around the room. These can start some great stories to talk about during dinner! You could even make a photo album full of photos of the couple over the years and put it on a table for everyone to look at. Another idea is to blow up one or a few photos of the couple on their wedding day and hang them somewhere everyone will see.
  • Streamers: If the room still needs a little extra something, think about adding light-colored streamers. Wrap them around poles or the legs of chairs, but just make sure that you don’t add too much!

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